The War Memorials of Epsom and Ewell

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Epsom's famous clock tower has a plaque
Epsom's famous clock tower has a plaque:
Image courtesy of Clive Gilbert © 2014

The people commemorated on the Borough's memorials and on relatives' graves have been researched. The information found for each person can be found by using the links below:
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Great War Remembrance Diary
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It has been estimated that throughout the United Kingdom there are about 100,000 War Memorials of one kind or another.

Whilst the vast majority of War Memorials were created in the aftermath of the Great War, there is a long tradition in the UK of War Memorials, and it is said that Battle Abbey was built to commemorate the Battle of Hastings!

War Memorials can be found at:

Banks Churches Clubs
Market Places Parks Police Stations
Railway Stations Road Junctions Schools and Colleges
Sports Grounds Work Places

They appear in a great variety of formats, including:

Aircraft engines Allotments Books of Remembrance
Crosses Fountains Framed scrolls
Horse drinking troughs Hospitals or hospital wards Lych-gates
Park gates Part of a church or chapel Plaques
Rolls of Honour School entrances Screen in a church
Sculptures Sports pavilions Stained glass windows
Village Halls

The great variety of forms that War Memorials take perhaps stems from the fact that there has never been any Government money or directives as to what form memorials should take. Each community or interest group decided on what form their memorial should take, often influenced by how much money was available.

War Memorials form an important part of our heritage, representing the huge sacrifices made during some of the darkest episodes in our history. They should not be thought of as glorifying war, instead they ought to remind us of the terrible pain and suffering that previous generations had to endure, and might just help future generations to begin to understand that wars only bring death and suffering. Throughout the Borough of Epsom and Ewell there are many memorials commemorating Britain's conflicts. The conflicts responsible for the greatest loss of life are the Great War of 1914-1919 and the Second World War of 1939-1945.

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NameBattle of

Zulu War
Boer War

All Saints Church, Ewell   YesYes 
Ancient Order of Foresters (Lost)   Yes  
Ashley Road   YesMentioned 
Book of Remembrance (Town Hall)    Yes 
Burials not on any memorial   Yes  
Christ Church, Epsom YesYesYesYes 
Council Staff    Yes 
CWGC Graves - Epsom   YesYes 
CWGC Graves - Ewell   YesYes 
Dipping Well - Great War   Yes  
Dipping Well - RailingsYes     
Epsom Brotherhood (Museum)   YesYes 
Epsom College   YesYes 
Epsom Common Club    Yes 
Epsom Golf Club   YesYes 
Epsom Sorting office   Yes  
Ewell Bench for Hopkinson   Yes  
Ewell Castle School    Yes 
Ewell Boys School (Museum)   Yes  
Glyn School    Yes 
Horton War Hospital   YesYes 
Long Grove Hospital (Lost)   YesYes 
Manor Hospital (Museum)   YesYes 
Methodist Church, Epsom   Yes  
Relatives Graves   Yes  
St Barnabas Church, Epsom   YesYes 
St John's Church (Lost)   Yes  
St Martin's Church, Epsom Yes YesYesYes
St Mary's Church, Cuddington   Yes  
St Mary's Churchyard, Ewell   YesMentioned 
Sutton Grammar School   Yes  
United Reformed Church, Epsom    Yes 
Upland House School   Yes  
Westminster Bank, Ewell
See entry for Bairstow GH
Woodcote Park Plaque   Yes  
Woodland Trust   Yes  

Please contact the webmaster if you are aware of any other War Memorials within the Borough.

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Great War Remembrance Diary
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