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The building that once was St John's Church
The building that once was St John's Church
Image courtesy of Clive Gilbert © 2011

The building that was once a place of worship called St John's church in Church Road, Epsom, still exists but its use has changed. It is now a pre-school nursery. It was however, during the Great War, a place of worship.

In 1921 a memorial plaque was unveiled commemorating two members of the church choir who had fallen. The June 1921 edition of the St Martin's Church parish magazine printed the following:
      At St. John's on Trinity Sunday, a memorial to two members of the choir, Pte. Charles White and Pte. John Wickens, who lost their lives in the war, was unveiled by Mr.A.J. Warren, and dedicated by the Rev. F.S. Farebrother. The memorial consisted of an ornamental oak plaque. The letters of the inscription are in gold on a blue ground. Mr. Warren, who delivered a most suitable address, said the dedication service was being held at the ordinary evening service because of the very happy relations which existed between choir and congregation, and of the feeling of the choir that they would like the congregation to join in that service of remembrance.
Unfortunately the plaque no longer exists within the old church building and was probably lost when the building was converted for use as a nursery.

Fortunately, both men have their names recorded on the Ashley Road memorial and on the St Martin's church memorial. John Wickens is also commemorated on the Sutton Grammar School memorial.