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The loss of a son or husband or brother dealt a devastating blow to the relatives of those who did not return from the war. It is probably correct to say that they never fully recovered from their great loss.

Within cemeteries and churchyards throughout the UK can be found the gravestones of the relatives of some of the fallen who, although not buried there, are nevertheless commemorated on the gravestone. On this page are the names of all we have been able to locate within the borough. To read more about an individual please click on their name.

Surname Name Rank Number Date Where Commemorated
Axtell Thomas Alfred Private G/22126 03/09/1918 Peronne Cemetery Communal Extension
Ball Arthur Second Lieutenant.   17/03/1918 Edinburgh (Seafield) Cemetery
Barron William Talbot Private 674 10/08/1915 Australian War Memorial (Panel 45)
at Campbell, Canberra
Birnie Gerald Lt   04/11/1918 St Sever Ext Rouen S V G 10
Blackman Albert Edward Corporal S/9616 23/07/1916 Thiepval memorial to the missing
Breeden George Oliver James Private F/3347 17/11/1916 Thiepval memorial to the missing
Brown Edwin Stanley L/Cpl 207787 14/10/1918 Dadizeele New Brit
Burfitt Thomas Henry Cpl 2757 01/07/1916 Thiepval
Cath Horace Paul Pte G/11317 18/11/1916 Thiepval
Chadband John Stanley Pte 178 31/12/1915 Bethune
Chandler Dorothy Maud Sister   15/11/1917 Ashley Road Cemetery
Chandler Harold James, M.S.M. Serjeant. C/3468. 03/11/1918 Ste. Marie Cemetery in Le Havre, France.
Colliss Reginald Edward Private 25490 13/06/1917 Mont Huon Military Cemetery, Le Treport
Coombes Henry Frederick Pte 14060 25/03/1918 Pozieres
Cropley Trefelyn Roland Sgt 551619 30/11/1917 Cambrai Mem
Cumming Henry Allan L/Cpl 49 29/07/1916 Villers-Bretonneux Mem
Down Francis James Pte 11467 30/09/1915 Loos Mem
Eley Samuel George Pte 81734 19/07/1918 Ploegsteert Mem
England Arthur Joseph Edward Pte 4709 02/10/1915 Etaples
Fenner Thomas William Sgt M2/132413 27/10/1918 Cape Town Plumstead
Garner Herbert Leval Private G/23618 29/09/1918 Menin Gate memorial to the missing
Garton Arthur Richmond Lieutenant   26/04/1915 Menin Gate memorial to the missing
Garton Reginald William Lieutenant   1 July 1916 Thiepval memorial to the missing
Grellier Gordon Harley 2Lt   31/10/1918 Poix-Du-Nord Com Cem Ex
Higgins Malcolm Leslie Pte 52 22/08/1916 Warloy-Baillon Com Ext
Howard Albert Hector Rifleman 22 20/09/1917 Menin Gate
Lacey Frank Private 8336 25/01/1917 Philosophe British Cemetery, Mazingarbe
Larby Charles Ernest Able Seaman J/17309 12/03/1918 Chatham Naval Memorial
Law John Gordon 2Lt   20/10/1918 Bethencourt Com
Ledger Robert John 2Lt   11/03/1917 Avesnes-le-Comte Com Ext
Littledale Willoughby John Capt   23/03/1918 Bancourt British
Longhurst Cecil Frank Pte 65579 23/01/1918 Anzin-St Aubin
Mason Percy Stanley Pte 107426 28/09/1916 Regina Trench
McClelland Samuel George Second Lieutenant   25/09/1915 Pollockshields Church Book of Remembrance
Murray Charles William 2Lt   25/09/1915 Menin Gate
Murray William Francis Private 2405 07/05/1917 St. Sever Cemetery Extension, Rouen
Parnham John Reginald Second Steward 896983 06/10/1918 Plymouth Naval Memorial to the Missing
Rounce Ernest Robert Gnr 36564 23/08/1917 Hospital Farm
Skelton Walter Pte 6357 05/05/1917 Villers-Bret Mem
Smith Selling Daniel Pte 2715 04/09/1915 Maroc, Grenay
Tresize Oliver Pte 4573 05/11/1917 Lijssenthoek
Wickens John Stanley Private 41134 16/10/1918 St. Aubert British cemetery
Willson Edgar Brian Lt   27/05/1918 Soissons Mem
Wyeth Allen Frederick Pte 1952 13/10/1915 Can No2 Neuville-St-Vaast