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Most of the Borough's victims of War are commemorated in the Borough on at least one memorial. Some of those buried within the Borough have a gravestone to mark their grave, and also have their name on a memorial. The men listed below have a gravestone, but are not commemorated anywhere else within the Borough.

Andrewartha William Pte 2403 22 16/10/1914 Grandstand Epsom Cem D 220A
Bates John Thomas George Sub-Lt   37 17/11/1918 Home Epsom Cem A 336
Buchanan Edmond Cpl 686 23 23/10/1914 Grandstand Epsom Cem D 220A
Caldwell John RSM 50531 37 17/12/1917 Horton Epsom Cem B 180A
Chandler George Bmd 239603 35 23/02/1919 King George Hospital St Marys churchyard
Ellis Henry David SgtMjr 2945 49 18/10/1918 Horton Epsom Cem B 185A
Girling Charles Norman Pte 94208 42 05/09/1918 Home Epsom Cem D 336
Grinter George Henry Bmd 9483 49 18/06/1919 Ctg Hosp Ep Epsom Cem H 139A
Jacques Herbert Joseph Pte 266322 37 12/12/1917 Epsom Downs St Marys churchyard
Johnston Jonathan Locke CaptQms   31 03/11/1918 Horton Epsom Cem D 531
Oppenheimer Kennith Pte M2/054824 28 19/07/1915 Middx hospital St Marys churchyard
Pirie George Laurence 2Lt   39 16/05/1915 Kensington Epsom Cem A 404
Potterton Ted Pte 152831 27 07/11/1917 Purfleet Epsom Cem D 481
Prosser John 2/Lt   46 28/12/1917 Horton Epsom Cem D 482
Reeves Letitia Alice Nurse   37 23/09/1918 Winchester Epsom Cem D 190A
Simms Thomas Pte 9101 27 17/10/1914 Grandstand Epsom Cem D 220A
Smith Charles Jonsing Capt   47 20/12/1919   St Marys churchyard
Thornton William John Pte 15463 39 05/10/1917 Long Grove Epsom Cem F 256A

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