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Manor Asylum ceased to be hospital in the 1990's, the grounds and buildings being given over to housing.

The war memorial, shown below, was removed to a place of safety and is now housed in the museum at Bourne Hall.

The memorial is a wooden plaque with gold lettering bearing the names of three men who fell in the Great War and one who fell in the Second World War. I presume that after the Great War, a memorial was erected bearing the names of the three killed in the Great War and that after the Second World War this was discarded and replaced with the plaque shown below.

The three men who fell in the Great War are also commemorated on other memorials in the Borough, and the man who fell in the Second World War is commemorated in the Book of Remembrance held at the Town Hall.

The following was printed in the Epsom Advertiser dated 14 March 1919:
Manor War Hospital
This week has brought the conclusion of the laudable work that has been done at the Manor War Hospital, Epsom. Opened in October 1916, when the demand for hospitals and convalescent homes for the sick and wounded soldiers was so great, this institution has admirably fulfilled the objects for which it was intended and several hundreds of officers and men today have happy recollections of their stay there. In all, 1,034 officers have been treated at the hospital while the total number of NCOs and men is no less than 11,521. Nearly every class of casualty, both "sick" and "battle" has been entrusted to the care of the competent staff and many cases of a serious nature have been skilfully and patiently dealt with. The number of deaths that have occurred is 16, which, having regard to the total number of patients is a low figure. All praise is due to the staff, in particular Miss Neary, Matron, Mrs. Buxton, the Lady Almoner and Col. S. Elgee the Commanding Officer, whose untiring energies for the comfort and happiness of the soldiers were always appreciated. The last patient left on Wednesday and in due course the hospital will be handed over to the civilian authorities to revert to its former use as a mental hospital.

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Photograph courtesy of Clive Gilbert 2010