The CWGC Plot in Ashley Road, Cemetery, Epsom
The CWGC Plot in Ashley Road, Cemetery, Epsom
Image courtesy of Clive Gilbert © 2009

At 3pm on 17 May 1925 the Lord Lieutenant of Surrey, Henry Cubitt, 2nd Baron Ashcombe, who lost three of his six sons in the war, unveiled the 'War Cross' and Memorial in a special plot within Epsom Cemetery.The Bishop of Winchester then dedicated the Cross and Memorial. Behind the Cross of Sacrifice is a screen wall, on which are inscribed the names of 148 men. Their deaths occurred in the following places:

Horton War Hospital 94
Manor War Hospital 30
Long Grove Asylum 19
Old Rifle Range Chalk Pit, Epsom 2
Dr Copes Surgery, Ewell 1
Military Hospital Newport, Monmouth 1
Military Hospital Brighton 1
Total 148

Click on one of the following names to see what has been discovered about the man.

Click on a name Allison, MR Allum, H Anderson, EC Angell, JT Ashcroft, R Attwood, J Ball, FM Ballard, E Barkwith, E BarnesW Barrette, PJ
Click on a name Beattie,S Bebbington, H Bishop, WH Blew, WH Blythe, JMCW Boden, W Bolduc, E Bonnell, L Bourget, A Bowels, AT Britten, L
Click on a name Britton, J Brown, JW Bruns, FB Buchanan, OL Cameron, HA Carrigan, M Chapman, J Clarke, P Clevendon, T Collings, A Cooper, WA
Click on a name Corrigan, AVE Cummings, WH Cunliffe, E Darling,C Davidson, W Davis, GM Davis, HA DevereuxR Deyell, JW Duffett,AG
Click on a name Duggan, R Dumbrill, R Dumais, JJ Duquette, AN Dyer, OJ Etheridge, D Fallow, W Faulkner, SA Fick, W Flanagan, T

Click on a name Forrest, T Fox, F Frost, AE Gillen, FC Gough, PJ Graham, RSD Granville, J Grimbly, SP Grimshaw, S Hansford, AV
Click on a name Harrison, T Hill, WJ Hogarth, E Hollingshead, W Howard, A Howsam,RF Humphrey, HA Hunter, AC Kelly, B Kemp, AF
Click on a name Kerr, HW Kirk, A Lacroix, A Laughton,  HHS Laurie, J LeBlanc, EH Leigh, BH Leonard, G Leppard, FH Limby, AA
Click on a name Little, T Living, PE Lyle, A McBurney, JT McGillen, DF Mack, WH McKay, GC MacMurchy, WC McPherson, FE Martin, FC
Click on a name Laws, GF Miller, H Murray, FJ O'Keeffe, M Page, F Palmer, JH Patten, RE Pears, W Perry, S Peters, JHW
Click on a name Quittenden, H Raddatz, A Ramsay, M Read, GA Rhawn, CH Riley, EA Roberts, SC Robinson, F Robinson, T Robinson, WD
Click on a name Rooney, LV Russell, FC Shultz, TJ Shaw, W Shimmin, F Shuley, G Smith, E Solomon, CN Stewart, J Stewart, W
Click on a name Stuart, WJ Swannack, A Teneycke, LF Thomas, GE Thompson, W Tooth, AH Tope, JA Topham, H VereW Verney, G Vokes, W
Click on a name Walker, GV Walker, WE Walsh, MJ WaterfieldJ Watson, AE Wells, AJ White, A Wilson, W Wonsawitch, N Woodward, FW
Click on a name Singh, GD Dichhit, DD Mohun,F Rai, P
Caution some names are out of order on the memorial.
To read more about an individual please click on their name. Also please note that ALL the names are from Great War. Names of victims of the 1939 - 1945 conflict are kept in a special book of remembrance at the Town Hall, Epsom. They can also be read by clicking this link
Photographs courtesy of Clive Gilbert

Of the 148 men named 59 are Canadian, 6 are Australian, 2 are Gurkhas, 1 is from Burma and 1 from India. The other 79 are from a variety of units from the UK, mainly army but there are 3 from naval forces.

Two of the men, both local, William Herbert Mack and Arthur White are also commemorated on the Ashley Road memorial.

One man, Private P. McMahon who died in the Long Grove Asylum and was buried within the Horton Estate Cemetery is commemorated within the CWGC plot, with a special memorial. See picture. Why Private P. McMahon was the only Great War soldier to be buried in the Horton Estate cemetery is a mystery.

The Great War soldier P McMahon's Headstone in the CWGC Plot although he is buried in an unmarked grave in Horton Cemetery
The Great War soldier P. McMahon's Headstone in the CWGC Plot
although he is buried in an unmarked grave in Horton Cemetery
Image courtesy of Clive Gilbert © 2010

A Second World War casualty, Private HW James, who died in the Long Grove Asylum, buried in the Horton Estate cemetery, is also commemorated in the Ashley Road CWGC plot. See picture.

The World War 2 soldier Private HW Jones's Headstone in the CWGC Plot although he is buried in an unmarked grave in Horton Cemetery
The World War 2 soldier Private HW Jones's Headstone in the CWGC Plot
although he is buried in an unmarked grave in Horton Cemetery
Image courtesy of Clive Gilbert © 2012

In addition to the 148 men commemorated on the CWGC Screen Wall, another 33 men, commemorated in CWGC records, are buried in scattered graves throughout Epsom cemetery.

The Horton Estate cemetery holds the remains of over 8,000 people who passed away whilst they were inmates at one of Epsom's asylums.

Memorial Summary

Address of Memorial : Epsom Cemetery. Ashley Road Epsom Surrey KT18 5BP
Location of Memorial : Close to the junction of Ashley Road with Treadwell Road
OS Map Ref : TQ213594
Type : Cross - CWGC
Physical Description : Cross of Sacrifice with wall behind it. Names on plaques attached to wall
Number of Names : 148
Access : Open
UKNIWM 23329

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