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Epsom Brotherhood War Memorial
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Photograph courtesy of Clive Gilbert © 2009

Ballinger, C Barnard, J Burfitt, TH Coombes, HF Cox, FE Down, F Harknett, Alfred Stanley Harknett, Arthur Sidney Hoare, WS Hoare, RA Joseph, SH Maskell, R Richmond, J Miles, JR Neves, WH Norrington, R Paskell, W Plowman, FJ Ratcliffe, HF Scott, WP Sharpe, NR Sheppard, T Smith, LC Treays, J Irish, C Leggatt, F

The Epsom Brotherhood was founded by the Rev Henry Atkinson in 1909 as a branch of the Brotherhood movement that existed in Surrey and elsewhere in the early years of the twentieth century. The Brotherhood (established as an organisation for all males in trade), was affiliated to the Congregational Church, its remit being Christian study and the moral welfare of local townspeople. All men 'irrespective of creed, politics, or social position' were welcomed to the Brotherhood (Watch Tower, Sep 1920, p. 3). This ethos led to the formation of a charitable arm of the organisation and having a strong local membership it would seem that various projects were carried out in conjunction with Epsom local authorities. Meetings were held on Sundays at the Ebbisham Hall and included speakers (usually on a moral, Christian theme) and often a 'sacred concert'; the Brotherhood had an orchestra which regularly performed at the Hall. Watch Tower magazine, 'the organ of the Epsom Brotherhood', was published monthly, containing news from other Surrey Brotherhoods, sermons, hymns and local Epsom and Ewell trade adverts.

The memorial, now held in Bourne Hall Museum, originally commemorated 22 casualties of the Great War, but was later modified to include four casualties of the Second World War.