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This is a list of people we need your help researching. If you have come direct to this page please also read the volunteer page.

A quick search of various databases suggested that the following have had a connection with Epsom, Ewell or Cuddington. If a connection exists and how strong it is will only come from further research. Although the webmaster has arbitarily split the list in to an A list (thoses that are MOST likely to result in a new webpage) and a B List (thoses that are LESS likely to result in a new webpage) he is equally happy to accept articles from either one. This page was last updated on 31 March 2014.

LIST A - Highly likely to result in a new webpage
Atkins, Sir William Sydney Albert (1902-1989) Freeman of Epsom and Ewell
Barker, John (1682-1762) Lived in Epsom
Baskett, John (1664/5-1742) Lived in Epsom
Bell, James (1825-1908) Lived in Ewell
Berkeley, Earl of Berkeley (1626/7-1698) Lived in Epsom - Durdans
Blackburne, Richard (1651/2-1716) Lived in Epsom
Bond, Sir (Charles) Hubert (1870-1945) Psychiatrist Ewell Colony
Bridges, Daisy Caroline (1894-1972) Born Ewell
Bulkeley, Sir Richard, baronet (1660-1710) Owned a manor at Ewell
Carew, Sir Nicholas Lord of Epsom Manor
Cockerell, Douglas Bennett (1870-1945) Ewell Bookbinder
Corbett, Richard (1582-1635) Born Ewell
Davis, Sir Robert Henry (1870-1965) Lived in Epsom
East, Sir (William) Norwood (1872-1953) Family lived in Epsom
Foster, Sir Harry Hylton- (1905-1965) Born Ewell
Gatliff, James (1765-1831) Wrote about a military Camp in Epsom
Gutch, Robert (bap. 1777, d. 1851) Epsom Curate
Hallifax, Sir Thomas (1722-1789) Married at Ewell + Glyn Connectoion
Hampson, Frank (1918-1985) Lived in Epsom
Hartopp, Sir John (bap. 1637, d. 1722) Lived in Epsom
Hitchcock, Sir Eldred Frederick (1887-1959) Lived in Epsom
Homan, Ruth (1850-1938) Poor-law guardian for Ewell
Hughes, Amy Sarah (1856-1923) Worked in Ewell
Hunt, Leigh (1784-1859) Lived in Epsom
Ingram, Dale (bap. 1710, d. 1793) Visited & died Epsom
Lemon, Sir Ernest (1884-1954) Died in Epsom
Lidgett, John Scott (1854-1953) Died in Epsom
Little, Sir Ernest Graham- (1867-1950) Lived in Epsom
Lyttelton, Thomas Baron (1744-1779) Lived in Epsom
MacKay, Peter Carl (1881?-1965) Prince Monolulu Epsom Derby character
MacNalty, Sir Arthur Salusbury (1880-1969) Lived in Epsom
Madan, Martin (1725-1790) Lived in Epsom
Mapother, Edward (1881-1940) Psychiatrist at Long Grove
Mayo, Charles (1792-1846) Ran a school at Epsom
Mayo, Elizabeth (1793-1865) Ran a school at Epsom
McCulloch, Sir James (1819-1893) Lived at Garbrand Hall Ewell
Merton, Walter of (c.1205-1277)  
Morris, Marcus Harston (1915-1989) Lived in Epsom
Moss, Rosalind (1890-1990) Died in Epsom
Negus, Sir Victor Ewings (1887-1974) Emergency Medical Service at Horton Hospital,
Nicholls, Francis [Frank] (bap. 1699?, d. 1778) Lived in Epsom
Perry, Micajah (bap. 1694, d. 1753) Lived in Epsom
Piper, John Egerton Christmas (1903-1992) Born Epsom
Pope, Walter (c.1627-1714) Lived in Epsom
Reese, (John) Terence (1913-1996) Born Epsom
Rivet, Albert (1915-1993) Lived in Epsom
Sinton, John Alexander (1884-1956) Maleria Researcher at Horton
Stanley, Edward earl (1752-1834) Started the Derby
Steinberg, Sigfrid Henry (1899-1969) Lived in Stoneleigh
Stokes, Sir John (1825-1902) Lived in Ewell
Sugden, Samuel (1892-1950) Lived in Epsom
Sutton, Daniel (1735-1819) Gave smallpox inocinations in Ewell
Thurmond, Sarah (d. 1762) Born Epsom
Turnbull, Percy Purvis (1902-1976) Lived Ewell
Waterhouse, Sir Ellis Kirkham (1905-1985) Born Epsom
Weston, Walter (1860-1940) Ewell Vicar
Whately, Thomas (1726-1772) Born Epsom
Williams, David (1898-1984) Lived in Epsom
Wisdom, Norman Lived in Epsom
Woodcock, George (1904-1979) Lived in Epsom
Woodger, Joseph Henry (1894-1981) Lived in Epsom

List B - Less likely to result in a new webpage.
Baker, Hylda (1905-1986) Died in an Epsom Psyh Hospital
Baly, William (1814-1861) Died at a train accident Epsom Junction
Beckham, Victoria Studied at Laine Theatre Arts
Birch, Thomas (1705-1766) Epsom Vicar
Brenton, Howard (1942- ) Wrote a play called Epsom Downs
Brooks, Robert (1790-1882) Owned Woodcote Park
Brown, Cecily Studied at Epsom School of Art
Bufton, Sydney Osborne (1908-1993) Died at Epsom General Hospital
Clark, Petula Lived in Epsom +Parents were nurses at Long Grove
Coddington, Richard  
Collis, Peter studied at Epsom College of Art and Design
Colman, Cecil (1878-1954) President of the Epsom division Liberal Association
Constable, John (1776-1837) Painted in Epsom
Cozens, John Robert (1752-1797) Studdied trees at The Oakes
Cribb, Tom (1781-1848) Boxed at Epsom
Cromwell, Henry (1659-1728) Liked Epsom
Custance, Henry (1842-1908) Jockey Lived in Epsom 3 years
Davis, Warwick Born Epsom
de Merton, Walter  
Dufy, Raoul Painter of Epsom Racecourse
EMF A Band - "EMF" is believed to be an abbreviation of "Epsom Mad Funkers",
Gascoyne, David Emery (1916-2001) Horton Hospital Patient
Gericault, (Jean Louis Andre) Theodore Painter of Epsom Racecourse
Gover, Alfred Richard Born Epsom
Gwyn, Eleanor [Nell] (1651?-1687) Character associated with Epsom
Harris, John (1802-1856) Minister Congregational church at Epsom
Hemmings, David Educated at Glyn
Howe, John, Baron Chedworth (1754-1804) Accused at Epsom of homosexual behaviour
Hume-Rothert, William Born Worcester Park, Surrey,
Knight, Dame Laura (1877-1970) Painted in Epsom
Lindsay, George Mackintosh (1880-1956) Died Epsom
Mills, John Platts- (1906-2001) Died Epsom Hospital
Munnings, Sir Alfred James (1878-1959) Painted at Epsom
Peddie, James], Baron (1905-1978) Died Epsom and Ewell Cottage Hospital
Porter, George (c.1659-1728) Prepared an uprising at Epsom
Rice, Peter Ronan (1935-1992) Designed Queens Stand
Richmond, Bill (1763-1829) Boxed at Epsom
Rowe, Thomas (1656/7-1705) Ministered in Epsom
Seear, Nancy, Baroness (1913-1997) Born Epsom
Shadwell, Thomas (c.1640-1692) Wrote Epsom Wells
Smith, Audrey Ursula (1915-1981) Worked in Epsom
Starling, Simon Born Epsom
Stone, Lawrence (1919-1999) Born Epsom
Strachan, Michaela (b. 1966) Born Ewell
Uglow, Euan Richard (1932-2000) Lived East Ewell
Vardy, John (1717/18-1765) Architect of Woodcote Park
Warne, Charles (1801-1887) Lived in Ewell
Willement, Thomas (1786-1871) Did the stained glass in Epsom Church
Winter, Thomas (1795-1851) Boxed at Epsom

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