Rectors/Vicars and Patrons of Ewell from 1239  
Date Rector/Vicar Patron Monarch timeline
1239 Robert Anketil Abbot and Convent of Chertsey Henry III (to 1272)
Edward I
1290 Alexander Reyner Same Edward I (to 1307)
Edward II
1309 Gerard de S Cirico Same Edward II
1317 Jacob de Florentie Same Edward II
1318 Richard de Denecaster Same Edward II
1322 Walter de Clerkenwell Same Edward II
1327 William Bokland Same Edward III
1327 Richard de Drokensford Same Edward III
1328 Thomas de Staunton Same Edward III
1331 Robert de Calne Same Edward III
John de Dunstaple
Thomas de Heyton
William de Waverley
Walter de Merstham
Same Edward III
1375 Thomas de Horton Same Edward III (to1377)
Richard II
1380 John de Brache Same Richard II
1381-1458 Temporary curates Richard II
Henry IV
Henry V
Henry VI
1458 Thomas Hardyng Prior and Convent of Newark Henry VI (to 1461)
Edward IV (to 1470)
Henry VI (restored 1470-71)
Edward IV (restored)
1473 John Pencell William David Same Edward IV
1483 Henry Meny Same Edward V (Apr to Jun 1483)
Richard III (to 1485)
Henry VII (to 1509)
Henry VIII
1532 John Steward Same Henry VIII (to 1547)
Edward VI (to 1553)
Mary I (to 1558)
Elizabeth I
1570 John Horsfall Elizabeth I Elizabeth I
1573 William Thomas Same Same
1584 Richard Williamson Same Same
1589 Ralph Antrobus Same Same (to 1603)
James I
1611 William Mosse James I James I
1614 Thomas Medley Same Same (to 1625)
Charles I
1633 Robert Hilliard Charles I Charles I
1643 Edward Houghton The Long Parliament Charles I (to 1649)
1651 John Crofts Same Commonwealth (to 1660)
Charles II
1676 John Morehouse Charles II Charles II (to 1685)
James II (to 1688)
Mary II (to 1694)
and William III
1696 John Evans William III William III (to 1702)
Anne (to 1714)
George I
1722 Samuel Shenton George I George I (to 1727)
George II
1748 James Parker Robert Lewen George II
1752 James Halifax Robert Lewen Same (to 1760)
George III
1777 John Lewes Sir George Glyn George III
1802 James Maggs Same Same (to 1820)
George IV
1825 William Mayd Sir Lewen Powell Glyn Same
1827 Alexander Huntley Robertson Baillie Same George IV (to 1830)
William IV
1831 Sir George Lewen Glyn Same William IV (to 1837)
1882 Thomas Bliss Sir George Lewen Glyn Victoria
1889 John Thornton Sir George Turberville Glyn Victoria (to Jan 1901)
Edward VII
1901 Reginald Coombs Hunt Sir Gervas Powell Glyn Edward VII
1906 Walter Weston Same Edward VII (to 1910)
George V
1911 Jeremiah Wallace Same George V
1922 Walter Osbert William Edwards Sir Arthur Glyn George V
1926 Edward Cuthbert Usherwood Same George V
1935 Cyril Gerard Holland Same Same (to 1936)
Edward VIII (to 1936)
George VI
1944 Vincent Paul Davies Margaret Glyn George VI (to 1952)
Elizabeth II
1969 John Harvey Sadler Mrs J Foubister Same
1971 Peter Graham Hogben Bishop of Guildford Same
1983 Richard Hanford Same Same
2009 Russell Dewhurst Same Same

Main Source: Alick Lewer 1972

Note: The church has also found a reference to William de Alezun, Vicar of Ewell in 1194, but the names of any incumbents between him and Robert Anketil are not known.

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