Pound Lane School Governors,
Managers and other influential people

A page from the 1914 log book showing the signatures of some of the the early governors.
A page from the 1914 log book showing the signatures of some of the the early governors.

The schools were administered by a Board of Governors/Managers made up by prominent citizens of the town.

Mr James Andrews

Another local business man. He was a printer and publisher of the Epsom Herald, and a book seller. He also held a number of public offices including Registrar of Births and Deaths.

Mr Basil Braithwaite, JP

Basil Braithwaite

Hookfield, Epsom. In 1900 he was a JP for the County of Surrey, and a Guardian of the Poor for Epsom, School Manager, etc and High Sheriff for Surrey 1908/9.

James Chuter Ede, MP JP, CH

James Chuter Ede

He has been called Epsom's greatest son. Born above a shop in the town, he became a teacher, local councillor, then county councillor. He was a member of the Schools' Board of Governors. He served in the East Surrey Regiment in the WW1; became a Member of Parliament for South Shields in 1935, and during the WW2, he was involved in the drafting of the 1944 Education Act.

In 1945 was appointed Home Secretary and later was created a Life Peer. When he was Home Secretary he was living at Tayles Hill and people remember a policeman guarding at the entrance to the grounds of the house.

Sir Arthur Glyn, JP.

Sir Arthur Glyn

Throughout his life Arthur Glyn was active in public affairs and headed many local organisations. He was well known throughout the county - his appointments included being a County Alderman, Chairman of Surrey Elementary Education Committee. Education and young people were important to him. He is often mentioned in the Log Books - he visited the schools, gave talks, took pupils on visits to London, etc.

Mr R Norman

The Norman Family Shop

A local business man who sold oil for heating and lighting in the Upper High Street, Epsom.

Rev Edward Northey, MA JP

Rev Edward Northey

Woodcote House, Epsom. In 1900, he was a JP for the County of Surrey, Chairman on the Epsom Public Elementary School Managers, a member of the Board of Guardians and had interests in Cricket and the Choral and Orchestral Society.

Lord Rosebery

Lord Rosebery in 1903

During the 1920s the children would go to the Durdans, the home of Lord Rosebery. By then he was an old man in a wheelchair; the children would sing or recite poetry to him and he would give each child a shiny half-crown. Tea was laid out for them along with an apple, an orange and a bag of sweets. Norman Harris of Miles Road recalled that Lord Rosebery would ask them questions - he asked him "who do you think is the wealthiest - you or me" I said" My father would say that the wealthiest man in the world is the one who has his health and as you are crippled in a wheelchair I was the wealthier one" He laughed his head off at me - he was a grand old man.

Rev J Shaw

Member of the Board of Guardians and former Minister to the Ewell Congregational Church.

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