Pound Lane School - Between the Wars

Henley Fort Camp, Guildford 1922 [BSLG]

Henley Fort Camp Programme

8 May - "Forty three boys have gone to the Henley Fort School Camp near Guildford for two weeks, accompanied by Messrs Rawson and Jones. The boys will be instructed in subjects which cannot be studied at first hand, including nature study, History, Geography etc."

22 May - "Boys back from Camp today. In the opinion of those who have seen the boys at the Camp, the advantages have been incalculable. Under Messrs Jones, Rawson and Crawley, very valuable work has been done, and very high traditions for the Camp School established"

With the exception of the War Years, a number of senior boys went to camp at Henley Fort each year. The BSLB ends in 1933, but the Camp is still there and school children use it.

Help to distressed areas

Jarrow Marchers
Jarrow Marchers

Between November 1934 and December 1936, sacks and boxes of clothing, boots and toys were collected by the Girls' School and sent to Morpeth Road Junior School in Blyth, Northumberland, a school in a distressed area

Silver Jubilee

In May 1935, King George V's Silver Jubilee was the occasion for celebrations. The schools were closed for three days and special events were laid on by the Epsom and Ewell Urban District Council. There was entertainment and tea for children at the Court Recreation Ground on Monday 6 May and a Grand Carnival Procession on the Wednesday afternoon.

Death of George V

Reading the proclamation of the Death of George V
Reading the proclamation of the Death of George V

21 Jan 1936 - "School assembled at 9.5 for special prayers and stood silently for one minute in reverent remembrance of his gracious Majesty, King George V."

22 Jan 1936 - "By courtesy of Mr Yeddows-Taylor and the staff, the loud speaker was arranged in the doorway between the two departments and the assembled children heard the Proclamation of King Edward VIII."

24 Jan 1936 - "A sheaf of flowers, in school colours, green and gold, was sent to Windsor. The attached card and labels written by the senior girls."

Coronation of George VI and Queen Elizabeth

George VI at Buckingham Palace
George VI at Buckingham Palace

Epsom decked out for the Coronation Celebrations
Epsom decked out for the Coronation Celebrations.

The Coronation of Edward VIII had been arranged for the 12 May 1937 and Coronation mugs and other souvenirs were produced. However, after his abdication in December 1936, George VI was proclaimed King. The date of the Coronation remained the same, although new commemorative gifts had to be produced. All the schools closed for three days' celebrations.

Reorganisation in education

0n 28 July 1937, the Elementary Girls' School closed, to be re-opened on 30 August as a Junior School. [GSLB]This change also applied to the Boys' School

Epsom Central School was in Lintons Lane, built much as Pound Lane School with two separate schools, each with its own entrance and playing fields. The new schools catered for pupils from 10+ to 14.

Epsom and Ewell Charter Celebrations

Epsom & Ewell Coat of Arms
Epsom & Ewell Coat of Arms

The presentation of a Charter of Incorporation to the inhabitants of Epsom and Ewell took place on the 29th Sept 1937. Five girls (and presumably five boys) were invited to attend the presentation at the Clock Tower.

Events took place all round the newly created Borough including a visit by the Charter Mayor to all the schools in the Borough with refreshment being provided by the Council. There were fairs, dances, a historical pageant etc and principal centres and buildings in Epsom and Ewell were especially decorated and illuminated.


Although there is very little about music in the Boys' School logbook, the HM Inspector's Report of 10 October records that "the teaching of Music in this school is particularly rewarding" and a newspaper cutting published in the Herald in the 1980s, shows "young violinists at Pound Lane School posed for a photographer in the 1920s.

From 1927 to 1933, it is recorded in the Girls' School log book that the pupils took part in Dance and Musical Festivals in Guildford, Leith Hill and Dorking and were very successful.


Colman Cup Winers 1925
Colman Cup Winers 1925

Gordon Colman Challenge, a half mile School Team Race, which had been won by the school before the war, was regained by the boys on Whit Monday 1923 "The School Team won the Gordon Colman Challenge Cup. Our team was as follows Laurence Coleman (1st) Wilfred Gough (4th), Wm Chandler (7th) and Jack Gibbs (9th)"

Girls' School

Court Recreation ground was opened in 1926 and in May 1927, "Organised Games" took place there and teams were selected to represent the school at the Epsom and Leatherhead Schools' Association Games at Ashtead. The School won the Championship Shield in 1928 and 29 and in 1931 won both the Shield and the Cup (for Juniors) [GSLB]

In June 1931, the Girls were runners up to Leatherhead Central in the District Sports Competition. Seven of the girls were selected for the County Championships.

July 20 - In the Inter-county Sports at Reading, Surrey was placed second and D Rose was awarded a 2nd place medal and M Jeffrey came 5th in the high jump.

1932 District Sports - the girls won the Challenge Cup awarded to Juniors under 11, the Challenge Shield awarded to Intermediates. Seven girls were to appear in the County Championships events.

18th June 1932- Epsom and Leatherhead District won!

Kathleen Barnard who competed for Surrey in the Inter County sports was awarded a medal - Surrey runners-up to Middlesex. 1933 and 1934 had similar results [GSLB]


Although there is no reference to the game in the Log Book until 1925, there is a photograph of the 1920 team. However on 29 March 1926, there is a comment that "every netball match has been won by the girls this year"

2 May 1929 - "The school netball team has again won the cup. A match was played this afternoon with the best from each school, and resulted in a final win for the winners of the League Cup. Dr Daniels presented the cup. Players and visitors were entertained to tea" [GSLB]

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