The Northeys Of Woodcote House - Part 8

Part 8 - Reverend Edward William Northey (1832-1914)

Rev. Edward William Northey.
Rev. Edward William Northey.
Image courtesy of Martin Northey © 2012

1878-9 was a bad period for the Northeys, with the deaths of Edward Richard and Francis Vernon, but what had the new master of Woodcote House been doing all this time?

Edward Richard's eldest son, Edward William, was born on 23 April 1832 in Epsom. He graduated from Oxford and took holy orders. He was a working clergyman up until 1879, shortly after he had succeeded his father as owner of Woodcote House. His appointments were as follows.

Dates Place
1856-62 Okeover, Staffordshire
1862-66 Atlow, Derbyshire
1866-68 Hawkhurst, Kent
1868-70 Cockerham, Lancashire
1870-72 Long Lane Village, Derbyshire
1872-79 Chaddesden, Derbyshire

On 22 August 1867 in Kent Edward married Florence Elizabeth Honywood, who was born in Torquay in about 1846. She was the daughter of Sir John Edward Honywood and was apparently descended from a sister of King Edward IV.

The Reverend Edward William and Mrs Florence Elizabeth Northey and family on the porch of Woodcote House c.1891
The Reverend Edward William and Mrs Florence Elizabeth Northey
and family on the porch of Woodcote House c.1891
Image courtesy of Martin Northey © 2013

Laying of the St Martin's foundations stone photo
This photograph was taken in 1904 to commemorate the laying of the St Martin's foundations stone
(L to R) W. Bainbridge-Bell and his wife, The Duchess of Albany (seated), the Bishop of Winchester's wife,
with Mrs Florence Northey, standing next to the Bishop
Image courtesy of Bourne Hall Museum

The children of Edward and Florence are shown in the table below.

Name Born Married Died
Edward 1868 Cockerham Anna Evangeline Cloete (1897) 25.12.1953 Henley district, Oxon
Florence Isabel 1869 Cockerham Frank Richardson (1889) 16.12.1941 British Columbia, Canada
Alfred Herbert 1871 Long Lane  - 1871
Mildred Louisa 1871 Long Lane Archie Buckle (1892) 12.4.1922 Bristol
Charles Henry 26.4.1873 Chaddesden   12.1.1906 Milan, Italy
Mary 1874 Chaddesden   1952 Sussex
William 1876 Chaddesden Violet Ferguson (1905) 1914 Boulogne
Hilda Caroline 1877 Chaddesden  - 1903 St Pancras Buried Epsom Cem
Gwendolen 1879 Chaddesden  - 14.11.1939 Epsom
Muriel 1880 Epsom Oswald Harter (1903) 1965
Francis Vernon 1881 Epsom  - 10.10.1911 Epsom

The eldest son, Edward, will be the subject of the next Part.

Edward William Northey in later life
Edward William Northey in later life

Edward also had a London home at 20 Essex Street, Strand (now barristers' chambers) for many years: I believe this was an apartment rather than the whole house. He was on the Committee of Surrey County Cricket Club and became a member of the MCC in 1886.

He died on 21 October 1914 and Florence, who remained at Woodcote House, on 18 June 1928.

Grave of Florence Elizabeth Northey, Epsom Cemetery.
Grave of Florence Elizabeth Northey, Epsom Cemetery.
Image courtesy Linda Jackson © 2012.

Florence Isabel (1869-1941)

On 1 August 1889 at St Martin's Florence married wine and spirit merchant Frank Richardson from Reigate (born 1855), son of merchant and agriculturalist George Gibson Richardson (1816-79). Frank died on 31 August 1938 in Victoria, British Columbia. They had five children, being Elsie Florence (31 July 1990 - 17 June 1966 Victoria, BC, unmarried), Francis Northey (14 April 1894 - 1983), Kathleen Mary (26 September 1895 - 24 April 1920, Victoria, BC), George Gibson (22 July 1898 - 1939 Toronto; married Muriel Bridge) and Edward Roger (15 March 1901 - 25 Jan 1957 Courtenay, BC; married Dorothy Eleanor Payne).

Florence and Frank lived in Ashtead, Surrey for several years and some of their children were born there. They then emigrated to Canada. Their son, Francis, joined the Royal Field Artillery in the First World War and appears to have remained in England thereafter.

Frank Richardson's family were leading merchants in the hop industry and Francis Richardson went into that business. He achieved the rank of Lieutenant Colonel in the Royal Field Artillery; he was also a magistrate and in 1964 was awarded the OBE for public and political services in Southwark. He married Margot Cecilia Goodwin Richardson (1902-70) in 1923.

Mildred Louisa (1871-1922)

Mildred married Brigadier-General Archie Stewart Buckle, who died of meningitis in 1916. She moved to Bristol after she was widowed and died there in 1922; she was buried in Epsom Cemetery. Their son, Archibald Courtenay Charles Buckle, was born in 1909, nearly seventeen years after his parents' marriage. He married José Mary Forder in 1932; she divorced him and he then married Daisy M Summerton. Courtenay died in 1987 in Warwickshire.

Charles Henry (1873-1906)

Charles was educated at Eton and Magdalen College, Oxford. He sang professionally in Italy and died of consumption in Milan on 12 January 1906; he was unmarried.

Mary (1874-1952)

Mary married planter Charles Malcolm Cumming in 1905. He was born in August 1867, the son of Charles Edward Durant Cumming (died 1909), a silk broker who lived at Haling House, Ashley Road, Epsom. Charles Malcolm was a chauffeur for the British Red Cross during the First World War and died on 9 May 1918.

Mary and Charles's children were Elizabeth Northey, Malcolm Edward Durant and Ina Mary. Lt Col Malcolm Edward Durant Cumming CB, OBE was born on 27 September 1907 and married Monica Sinclair Elton in 1932 (1907-69, divorced 1966), daughter of Brigadier-General Frederick Algernon George Young Elton, Royal Artillery; Malcolm died in 1985. Ina (born 1914) married Oliver C Barnett in 1938 and possibly Edward Goulding in 1949.

Elizabeth was born on 8 May 1910 and married Thomas Guy Dillon Rowley in 1940; he died in 1968, followed by Elizabeth in 1998.

The Cumming family lived in Slinfold, Sussex.

William (1876-1914)

William was killed in the First World War on 22 October 1914. He and his wife, Violet Jane, had two sons, who were William Edward (born 22 October 1909 Madras) and Denys Vernon (born August 1910 Epsom). Violet died on 23 December 1949. Denys was a regular army officer and died in 1989.

William Edward married Evelyn Maude Newnham (born 20 December 1910) in 1938 and died in 1967; Evelyn died in 2000. They had a son, Peter William, born in 1947. William Edward was at one time with Peirce, Leslie & Co Ltd at Cochin, India, which firm managed tea, coffee and rubber estates. Peter was born in India and educated at Wellington College; he died in 2010.

Muriel (1880-1965)

In 1903 Muriel married Oswald Birley Harter (1868-1955) from Eccles, Lancashire. He was a career officer in the Durham Light Infantry. They had two daughters - Gwendoline (born 23 January 1904 Woolwich) and Muriel Doreen (born 14 March 1907 Epsom). Both girls were christened at Christchurch, Epsom. Gwendoline married Sydney William Carline (14 August 1888- 14 February 1929) in 1928 and died in 1980. Sydney was a fine artist, who studied at the Slade School of Art and in Paris and was particularly noted for his war paintings (and I encourage you to view some of his work); he served in the Royal Flying Corps during the First World War. Muriel Doreen died unmarried in Hove in 1982.

Muriel Senior died in 1965, aged 85, and her ashes are buried in the family enclosure in Epsom Cemetery.

The Northey family enclosure in Epsom Cemetery
The Northey family enclosure in Epsom Cemetery.
Image courtesy of Liz Manterfield © 2006

Grave of Gwendolen Northey and Muriel Harter, Epsom Cemetery
Grave of Gwendolen Northey and Muriel Harter, Epsom Cemetery.
Image courtesy Linda Jackson © 2012.

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