A Wonderful Labour Saving Kitchen

This webpage contains the text and images from a 1930s sales brochure for houses in Stoneleigh.

Surely a delight to any woman - comfortable enough to live in and a joy in which to work.

Ideal Boiler on a coke store
Light and clean, white and blue tiled all round, and half-way up to the ceiling, it is fitted throughout with the essentials of modern time and labour saving devices, and yet in the right place when required. Chromium plated fittings are fitted.

Cooking is accomplished by the latest design "New Era" Gas Cooker, fitted with automatic lighter and Thermostatic Heat Control.

Constant Hot Water is provided to the sink, bath and lavatory basins by a No. 0.D, "Ideal Boiler" which stands on specially constructed Coke Store. This innovation has enabled ample fuel storage to be built beneath the boiler. The fuel being delivered to the house through the outside wall, and in consequence does not have to be handled.

The Swift Combined Copper and Wringer
The Swift Combined Copper and Wringer provides the Housewife with an easy method to handle the home laundry quickly. Only 3-3½ gallons of water are necessary with the copper full of clothes, boiling point is reached very rapidly, thereby economising in gas consumption. The water cannot boil over. The Internal Percolator causes the water, upon reaching boiling point, to rise up tubes at each side and flush with continuous action through the clothes. This process removes dirt and stains, etc., completely, and reduces hand labour to a minimum.

Kitchen CupboardA Kitchen Cabinet artistically finished in light and dark blue, accommodates crockery, cooking utensils and food. It incorporates a drop-down enamelled top table - usable as a pastry board and has extensive cupboard and drawer accommodation.

The large 3-shelf floor to ceiling larder is conveniently planned.


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