THE HOLLAND FAMILY (Abele Grove, Epsom)

Victorian Studio Photos
Victorian Studio Photos

We have a comprehensive article on Abele Grove, which tells us that the Holland family used the house as their 'town' residence from about 1847 until Mr Holland died in 1895. The property was put up for sale the following year.

Mr Holland was Augustus, born in Brighton and christened at the old church of St Nicholas on 29 November 1820; his parents were John and Elizabeth. I am not sure that the family really lived in Brighton - rather, they probably rented a house there and visited periodically, as many well-heeled London families did. Latterly John and Elizabeth lived in Clapham and it is clear from the former's will, proved in 1845, that he had business premises in the City of London and there was plenty of money and property to share around. The Hollands were in wine (very fine wine, I imagine, given the assets they had).

Augustus married Elizabeth Davies on 1 December 1842 at St Mary, Battersea; her father was merchant Robert Davies and the family lived in Bolingbroke Grove, which runs along the edge of Wandsworth Common. Elizabeth was born in Leyton and there was considerable money in the Davies family too.

Mrs Elizabeth Holland
Mrs Elizabeth Holland
Photograph by Cuthbert John Hopkins, courtesy of Bourne Hall Museum

The children of Augustus and Elizabeth Holland were as follows.

Elizabeth AliceBorn probably 31 December 1843 Clapham or Wimbledon.
Died 8 August 1867 Epsom of rapid consumption.
Augustus JohnBorn 6 March 1845 Battersea or Clapham.
Solicitor; unmarried.
Died 25 November 1889 St Mary's, Uplyme.
FrederickBorn 1 May 1846 Wandsworth. See later
MargaretBorn 11 February 1848 Epsom; unmarried.
Died 24 April 1912 Uplyme or nearby.
ConstanceBorn 12 January 1850 Streatham or Epsom; unmarried.
Died 1888 Uplyme.
Arthur GowerBorn 21 December 1851 Epsom. See later.
Herbert BassetBorn 25 May 1853 Epsom; unmarried.
Died 4 April 1899 Epsom, then living in Mill Road.
Robert ReesBorn 23 April 1855 Epsom; unmarried.
Died 7 July 1909 St Mary's, Uplyme.
HenryBorn 4 July 1857 Epsom. See later.

Several of the Hollands are buried in the family vault in St Martin's churchyard and I will show you a photo of that at the end, with details of the incumbents.

Henry Holland died on 24 August 1872, aged only 15. He was buried in the family vault which the family had established in 1867 and his eldest sister, Elizabeth Alice, was the first to be buried therein.

Henry Holland
Henry Holland
Photograph by Cuthbert John Hopkins, courtesy of Bourne Hall Museum

Frederick Holland was allegedly a wine merchant like his father, although by the 1881 census he was described as an annuitant. It seems to me that there was so much money around in the family that the sons 'retired' from any sort of occupation at an age when most of us would just be working our way up the career ladder. In the 1891 census Frederick was visiting his uncle, barrister John Bradley, the widower of Augustus' sister, Esther Matilda, who had died in 1866. At the age of 47, in 1895, Frederick married Agnes Emma Barclay, daughter of Hedworth David Barclay, whose 'seat' had been Eastwick Park, Bookham. Frederick and Agnes then seemed to flit around the resorts, including Royal Crescent, Ramsgate (1901 census), Lewes Crescent, Brighton (1911) and, finally, Cheltenham, where Frederick died on 15 February 1927, leaving no will and not that much money. Agnes survived until 1932, leaving considerably more.

Frederick Holland
Frederick Holland
Photograph by Cuthbert John Hopkins, courtesy of Bourne Hall Museum

Arthur Gower Holland was the only one of the offspring who left a child. He stayed in Epsom, rather than lead the life of an Uplyme squire like his father, Uncle John and brother Robert (Uplyme is a village very near to Lyme Regis). He had no discernible occupation either, but lived on his own means at various abodes, including the Parade and 93 East Street. In 1890 he had married Jane Miles, daughter of Epsom tradesman Thomas Miles Senior. Their only child was Elizabeth Rose, born 1891. Arthur, then of 57 East Street, died on 26 July 1914 - again there was no will and very modest effects of 382. Jane died in 1939 and Elizabeth Rose, who never married, in 1963.

Augustus Holland died on 16 December 1895 at Holm/Holme Craig, Lyme Regis, his wife having predeceased him on 17 February 1892.

The Family Vault (St Martin's)

The Holland Vault in St Martin's Epsom
The Holland Vault in St Martin's Epsom
Photograph courtesy of Bourne Hall Museum

The occupants of this vault (in order of demise) are as follows.

Elizabeth Alice HollandDaughter of Augustus and Elizabeth; died 8 August 1867.
Henry HollandSon of Augustus and Elizabeth; died 24 August 1872.
John Holland (of Uplyme)Brother of Augustus; died 28 December 1875.
Elizabeth Roberts HollandSister of Augustus; died 19 April 1877.
Herbert Basset HollandSon of Augustus and Elizabeth; died 4 April 1899.

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