The Gadesden Family Of Ewell Castle

Part 3 - Augustus's children

Name Approx. Date of birth Spouse, if any
Emma Maria Theresa 1844 Unmarried
Elizabeth Harriet 1845 William James Thompson
Rosamond Augusta 1848 Basil Braithwaite
James Philip 1850 Dora Elizabeth Pease (nee Barkworth)
Florence Isabel 1852 Giulio Cowley Tyler Smith
Augustus William 1854 1. Louise Maud Hazelton
2. Clare Frances M Hopton
Mary Alma 1854 Harold Arthur Sandbach Barkworth
Ellen Augusta 1856 George William Thomson
Edmund Henry 1858 Minnie Bogle Smith

At the time of Augustus William Senior's death in August 1901 all the children had left home except the eldest, Emma Maria Theresa. The rest of them, bar one who had died tragically young, were scattered all over the place. Augustus left his estate in equal shares to his three sons, but none of them apparently wanted to live at the Castle - perhaps they were happy where they were, or needed cash - and they disposed of it.

Emma Maria Theresa

As mentioned above, Emma never married and, after her father's death she moved to Thornford House, Thornford, Sherborne, Dorset, which was quite near to her brother, Edmund (she had been living with Edmund and his wife in Bisley, Gloucestershire in the 1891 census, but had returned to Ewell, probably because of her father's ill health). Thornford House seems to have been a substantial property, with grounds.

In 1919 she bought 1, The Grange, on Wimbledon Common. This may have had something to do with the fact that her niece, Ellen Olivia Thomson, had been with her at Thornford in 1911 and quite possibly remained there for several years afterwards, but Ellen seems to have gone abroad (she married in Geneva in 1925) so this could have occasioned the re-location. Emma died on 30 January 1930, still living at 1, The Grange.

Elizabeth Harriet

Elizabeth married William James Thompson in 1867. He was a tea and colonial broker, born on 1 September 1843 in Tooting Graveney. They seemed to move around (including spells in Brighton and Hove), but their main abode for many years was 'Elmer', Guildford Road, Fetcham. Then, in 1901 they were at 20, Eaton Road, Hove, with five servants. By 1911 William, now widowed, (Elizabeth Harriet had died in 1905) was at 42 Ennismore Gardens in South West London.

William died on 23 December 1931 at Hare Hatch Grange, Twyford, Berkshire, his usual address being given as 38 Mincing Lane, City of London. This was the business address of the Thompson family's tea business, which had been founded by William's father, also William James Thompson. In past times Mincing Lane was very much a centre for the colonial tea trade.

Their children were William James Thompson Junior, who went to Cheam School and Oxford University and then joined the family firm; Gerald Gadesden who died at the age of 10 in 1880; Isabel Violet Esther, who married John Barrow Osborn Richards, a physician and surgeon, (his father was Admiral Sir George Henry Richards KCB, FRS, of Fetcham, one-time naval ADC to Queen Victoria); Gwendoline Rosamond Mary (fate unknown, but believed to have married a man surnamed Douglas), and Daphne Irene Emma, who married Archer Richard Hunter. This is a labyrinthine journey (as most things have turned out to be in the Gadesden clan, with many Barkworths intervening), but Archer, being an accountant, often ended up as the executor of a Gadesden will. He and Daphne Thompson had a daughter called Pamela; her son, Sir John Richard Castleman Lushington, ended up as a trustee of the estate of the daughter of Augustus William Gadesden Junior. Never fear, I will go round this loop again when I get to Augustus William Junior.

Rosamond Augusta

Rosamond Augusta Gadesden was the next in birth order, and she married Basil Braithwaite, who is well documented elsewhere on this website. Basil died in 1918 but Rosamond survived until 23 January 1951, by which time she was 103 years old. She lived at 'Gothic Lodge' on Wimbledon Common, which was once rented by the author, Captain Marryat, to accommodate his family when he was away at sea. She was cremated at Putney Vale; there were no children.

Basil Braithwaite
Basil Braithwaite
Image courtesy of Bourne Hall Museum

James Philip

Next came James Philip Gadesden and in 1894 he married the widowed Dora Elizabeth Pease, who was his first cousin. She was formerly a Barkworth and was the daughter of James Philip's maternal uncle, John Boulderson Barkworth. They lived at 'Burley", East Woodhay, Hampshire (near Newbury). James died on 20 June 1913 at the Royal Hotel, Bournemouth and Dora on 20 July 1926. They are both buried in St Martin's Churchyard, East Woodhay, where James was a churchwarden.

St Martin's, East Woodhay.
St Martin's, East Woodhay.
Photographer Pam Brophy © 2011 and licensed for reuse under this
Creative Commons Licence Image source:

Florence Isabel

Florence married the unusually named Giulio Cowley Tyler Smith, who was a tea merchant. In due course they became Tyler-Smith. Giulio died in 1909 in Eastbourne district and the following year Florence married another tea broker, bachelor Alfred William Craven, born in about 1852 in Camberwell. In 1911 they were living at "The Links" Chyngton Road, Seaford, Sussex. Alfred died in 1925 and Florence on 26 December 1939 at the Holloway Sanatorium, Virginia Water, her final address having been Avenue Lodge, Seaford.

Augustus William Junior

In 1883 Augustus married Louise Maud Hazelton and almost immediately they went to Australia (they were there by 1885), where Augustus established himself in sheep farming at Shooter's Hill, Macquarie Plains, Tasmania. There is some evidence that his brother, James Philip, was in Australia for at least some of the time (he was there in 1893, for instance, but was back in England by 1894). Augustus and Louise became settled there and there are a number of Australian reports showing that he was involved in agriculture and the cultivation of sugar beet; they also appear to have returned to England a number of times, as they crop up on ships' passenger lists. In 1897 they suddenly sold up, citing the need to return to England. The farm, including implements and livestock (2,400 sheep, for example) was sold by auction 'with no reserve' as if there were some kind of emergency. This may possibly have had something to do with Augustus Senior's ill health at that time. In any event, by 1901, Augustus Junior and Louise were living at Froxmere Court, Crowle, Worcestershire.

In the 1911 census Augustus Junior and Louise were staying at the Grand Hotel in the Strand, London, with him being described as a retired coffee planter. (He may well have been growing it in Australia as well as his other farming activities.) They then moved to Wilford, Hereford and Louise died on 7 May 1913. There do not appear to have been any surviving children of the marriage.

In 1918, in Sudbury Suffolk, Augustus married Clare Frances M Hopton (daughter of an army Colonel), who was about 32 years his junior, and they had two daughters. The first, Diana Clare, was born on 28 November 1918 and died unmarried in Chelsea in 2005. Then, in 1925, by which time Augustus was just over 70, Elizabeth Ann was born. The family lived in Stretton Grandison, near Ledbury in Herefordshire. Augustus died in 1937 and Clare in 1969. Elizabeth Ann (known as Beth) never married and seems to have lived much of her life in the Stretton Grandison area. At the end she was in Dulverton, Somerset. She died on 6 January 2007, with the funeral service being held at All Saints Church, Dulverton.

All Saints Church, Dulverton
All Saints Church, Dulverton.
Photographer Roger Cornfoot © 2011 and licensed for reuse under this
Creative Commons Licence Image source:

She left the residue of her estate, which appears to have been very substantial, to charitable causes, and, as mentioned earlier, one of the trustees of her estate was Sir John Lushington, a direct descendant of Elizabeth Harriet Gadesden/Thompson. One of the projects chosen by the trustees to receive money was a care home in Burnham-on-Sea, Somerset and Beth also left money for local canal projects.

Mary Alma

In 1881 Mary Alma Gadesden married Harold Arthur Sandbach Barkworth, who was a career army officer. He was born in Beverley, Yorkshire and was the son of banker and magistrate, Harold Barkworth, who was Mary Alma's maternal uncle. They had four children, being Harold Basil Gadesden (1885 - about 1890), Julian Sandbach (1888-1950), Humphrey Robertson (1891) and Godfrey Egremont Boulderson (1895). Captain Humphrey Robertson Barkworth, Northumberland Fusiliers, was killed in action on the Somme in 1916; his father, Major Harold Arthur Sandbach Barkworth, Border Regiment, who died in 1917, is also listed as a war casualty and was cremated at Golders Green Crematorium. Mary Alma died in 1934 in St Leonards-on-Sea, Sussex.

Ellen Augusta

Ellen Augusta was the youngest daughter and in 1878 she married George William Thomson in Ewell. It is difficult to identify George, but he was possibly an official of a 'colonial' bank which operated in various large cities overseas. In any event, after their marriage they departed for Yokohama, Japan, where Ellen gave birth to a daughter, Ellen Olivia. Ellen Augusta almost certainly died as a result of the birth, on 2 July 1879, barely a year after her marriage. Ellen Olivia was sent back to England and was looked after by her spinster aunt, Emma Maria Theresa Gadesden, initially at Ewell Castle (1881), then at Edmund Henry's house in Bisley (1891), Ewell Castle (1901) and Thornford, Sherborne (1911). George William Thomson was present at the funeral of Augustus Gadesden Senior in 1901, but how much contact he had with his daughter is not known. In 1925 in Geneva Ellen Olivia married Geoffrey Hamlyn and certainly remained in touch with her family, as she was named as one of the executors in several of their wills.

Memorial to Ellen Augusta Gadesden/Thomson in St Mary’s, Ewell.
Memorial to Ellen Augusta Gadesden/Thomson in St Mary’s, Ewell.
Image courtesy of Clive Gilbert ©2013

Edmund Henry

In 1885 Edmund married Minnie Bogle Smith (born in 1858 in Battersea), daughter of a West India merchant. It is hard to discern what any of the Gadesden sons actually did - basically they were landed gentry with country estates. In 1891 Edmund and Minnie were living at "The Chantry", Bisley, Gloucestershire and then moved to Holwell Manor, Sherborne, Dorset, where he became a Justice of the Peace; he remained in Holwell for the rest of his life. They had a daughter, Mary Augusta, born in 1893, who married Lt. Col Frederick Johnson McCall, MC, who was director of veterinary services in Tanganyika, for which he received the OBE in 1929. They then established a farm/estate called 'Eaglesham' in Endebess, Kenya, where they raised pedigree South Devon cattle amongst other things.

Edmund died on 11 March 1929 and Minnie in 1944. Mary Augusta died on 2 September 1960 in Nairobi and Frederick McCall on 16 March 1970 in Endebess. Holwell Manor appears to have passed to Frederick and Mary's son, George Stuart Gadesden McCall. The Gadesden name lived on.

Linda Jackson © November 2011

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