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The Club for young people 8+ who love history

We are the club for children 8 to 12+ who have an interest in history, and we are thriving at Bourne Hall Museum (Opens in a new window). We started in the middle of last year with a group of 17 at its first meeting and now we have between 30 to 40 children coming to each session, and more than ninety on our mailing list. We cover all periods of history from the dawn of the Stone Age to the Home Front and World War 2. Club members have learned how to make Stone Age tools and cave painting, found out what the trenches were like during WW1, joined the Roman Army, lived through the Dark Ages, re-fought the Battle of Hastings, and gone on local history patrols visiting Ewell's historic houses and graveyard before being locked up in the old Watch House jail. They recently investigated the murder of Station Sergeant Thomas Green, who was killed in defense of Epsom Police Station when it was attacked by hundred of Canadian solders in 1919.

The club meets the second Saturday of the month at Bourne Hall, Spring Street, Ewell KT17 1 1UF. Sessions last from 1.00 pm to 2.30 pm and there is a charge of £4 per child per meeting.

David Brooks
Museum Club
Tel 020 8394 1734
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The following may also be of interest:

Saturday 28 June 2014    12(noon)-4pm
Commemorating the Great War - Shadbolt Park's Big Day Out
As part of the annual event, the community will be remembering the start of the First World War and those attending can dress in the style of the 1914s.There will be prizes for the most authentic costumes worn. We also hope to present a memorial from the Community. The Friends of Shadbolt Park will be delighted to show you the magnificent Daylily Garden that is open for a limited period in the summer.

July & August 2014    10am-5pm
Bourne Hall Museum     Holiday History - Activities and Walks

Saturday 12 July 2014
Commemorating the Great War - Britain at War 1914
Local retailers summer event with a 1914 theme. There will be entertainment including traditional games and competitions. This event runs alongside the annual St Mary's Church Village fete.

Monday 04 August 2014
Commemorating the Great War - Reflections
"The lamps are going out all over Europe, we shall not see them lit again in our life-time" (Sir Edward Grey, 3 August 1914)
Residents are invited to visit one of the Borough war memorials for 23.00 with a lit candle. At 23.00 exactly all the candles will be extinguished and a two minute silence will be observed. (Check the Commemorating the Great War website for further details.)

Tuesday 05
Commemorating the Great War - Recruitment re-enactment
Your chance to be the first to serve king and country.
Join up and be home in time for Christmas!
Epsom Market Place.

Tuesday 05 to Saturday 16 August 2014
Commemorating the Great War - WW1 Bourne Hall Museum
An exhibition by the Local History Centre on the part played by the people of Epsom and Ewell during WW1. It will include the home front as well as life on service, and the story of the War Hospitals at Horton and the Manor, in the Grandstand and at Ewell. There will be little-known images of the Army Camps at Woodcote, Tattenham Corner and Tadworth, with the convalescent camp at Woodcote and the arrival of the University and Public Schools Brigade in Epsom.
Ewell, Bourne Hall

Saturday 9 August 2014
Commemorating the Great War - Living history
Meet a Tommy at this WW1 living history event, with men and women of the 10th Essex Group taking part in demonstrations and displays including children's activities and cooking in the trenches. See a WW1 general service wagon and join in a period sing-song. Learn about Driver Martin, Epsom's most decorated soldier.
Epsom Derby Square/Ebbisham Centre

Friday 26 September
Commemorating the Great War - Epsom in Harmony
A commemoration concert of music and WW1 poetry will be held in the Duchess Stand at Epsom Downs Racecourse featuring local choirs and musicians. The full programme and ticket details will be published shortly.
Duchess Stand at Epsom Downs Racecourse

Saturday 4 & Sunday 5 October
Commemorating the Great War - WW1 weekend at Bourne Hall
A free weekend of events, displays, demonstrations and talks, featuring living history re-enactments from the 10th Essex men and women, children's activities, and music and songs of the period performed by local groups. There will be a half-scale WW1 fighter plane, a front line military hospital, and a rebuilt trench.
Ewell, Bourne Hall

November Date(s) to be confirmed
Commemorating the Great War - Remembrance
Creation of a Garden of Remembrance of crosses in Bourne Hall Park. Each cross will commemorate one of the individuals on local war memorials, with names and details researched by local school children. There will be the opportunity for local people to add their own crosses commemorating relatives.
Ewell, Bourne Hall

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