1913 Map of Epsom
showing the location of Epsom Businesses in
East Street

1911 Businesses are shown in red.
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Please bear in mind that official numbering was not introduced until later and anomalies will occur.
Residential addresses (given that some originals were demolished) and office accommodation are indicated where known.
Note that many properties were renumbered; original numbering has been used in the first instance with renumbering indicated where relevant.
Some of the numbering may not tally with some documentation; research for this project has been carried out by visiting the properties to get an accurate description.

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2 East St Epsom 4 East St Epsom 6 East St Epsom 8 East Street 10 East Street 12 East Street 14 East Street - Empty 16 East Street - Residential 18 East St Epsom - Dr Barnado's Home 1 East St Epsom 3 East St Epsom 5 East St Epsom Epsom Boys National School 11 East St Epsom 13 East St Epsom 15 East St Epsom - Residential 17 East St Epsom 19 East St Epsom - Residential 21 East St Epsom - Residential 23 East St Epsom - Residential 25 East St Epsom - Residential 27 East St Epsom 29 - 31 East St Epsom - Gasworks

Key to Properties

Only 1911 businesses are linked to a separate page. Residential and Office accomodation is given where known.

East Street - South Side - Even Numbers
Address 1911 2013
2 East Street Page - Motors Cool Look - Hairdressers (2)
Salon de Coiffure - Hairdressers (2A)
4 East Street William Giles - Upholsterer Stir - Bar and Lounge
6 East Street George James Beams - Bootmaker Leaders - Estate Agents
8 East Street Arthur Webb - Clothier Epsom Wine Cellar and Convenience Store
10 East Street William Henry Woods - Baker Chinese Acupuncture Centre (10)
Bridgers the Barbers (10A)
12 East Street Charles Stead - Grocery manager Mail Boxes Etc - Postal Services
14 East Street Empty Great Orient - Restaurant
16 East Street Residential - Tickner (Draper and Grocer) Los Amigos - Cafe (16)
Ernst Geiser - Accountants (16A)
East Street - North Side - Odd Numbers
1 East Street Thomas Henley Marshall - Fishmonger (Site Of) Adelphi Court - Offices (1 - 3)
3 East Street Charles Cook - Fruiterer and greengrocer (Site Of) Adelphi Court - Offices (1 - 3)
5 East Street The Rifleman - Public House The Rifleman - Public House
7 - 9 East Street Epsom Boys' National School See Ability - Home Care
11 East Street The Electric Theatre - Cinema Green Space and Housing
13 East Street George James Chandler - Hairdresser Green Space
15 East Street Residential - Alfred Matthews (Pensioner/Waggoner on farm) Residential/Green Space
17 East Street William Forder Jenkins - Caterer, dining rooms/coffee house Green Space
19 East Street Residential - Henry Wilson (Hawker of flowers) Residential (Grade II Listed)
21 East Street Residential - Thomas Harry Walpole (Boot repairer - see 4 South Street Residential (Grade II Listed)
23 East Street Residential - Henry McCoombe (Butcher, probably employed) Residential (Grade II Listed)
25 East Street Residential - Arthur Edward Cavell (Army pensioner/Auctioneer's porter) Residential (Grade II Listed)
27 East Street Plough & Harrow - Public House Los Amigos - Restaurant (Grade II Listed)
29 - 31 East Street Epsom Gasworks, Showroooms and Offices - see here Epsom Gasworks, Showroooms and Offices)